Registered Counsellors

Below is a list of Registered Counsellors who are members of the WGIA.







Inés Pintos-Lopez
or website
(Gold Coast region also offers counselling via Skype
with some pre-conditions)



Jeff Broughton

Mary Ellen Davis
0414 818 645

Ivan Honey



Jeff Steedman
0428 170 191

Marian Ruyter

South Australia


Sue Berry

Di Childs
0407 711 043

Mercedas Taaffe

New South Wales


Maggie Bolton

Marinela Mendes
Marinela Mendes
Mobile: 0418 22 40 31 or   Phone: 02 9487 5757
Counselling options Face to face Counselling and/or Counselling via phone/Skype with some agreed pre-conditions



Northern Territory


Kalikamurti Suich
0412 179 957



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