Practicum Training Dates

To be eligible to attend a Basic Practicum (BP) training group you must have completed a Basic Intensive four day training.

To be eligible to attend an Advanced Practicum (AP) training group you must have completed an Advanced Intensive four day training.

To join one of the below Practicums, please use the contact details given for that specific Practicum Training group



Practicum Type (Basic, Advanced)

Contact details


8th July

 Gold Coast


Basic Practicum

Susan Fleming

0417 711 164




For more information regarding Practicums via SKYPE contact Christine Duffield

Basic & Advanced

Christine Duffield
0407 554 597





             Sydney, NSW

For more information regarding Group Practicums in NSW or via phone/SKYPE contact with agreed pre-conditions





Email:                Mobile: 0418 22 40 31 or Phone: 02 9487 5757

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