2017 WGIA National Conference


Choice Theory, Reality Therapy & Lead Management

Crowne Plaza, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

28 ~ 30 September 2017




We know... could we know better?



On behalf of the WGIA Conference Organising Committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2017 WGIA National Conference



The theme for the conference will be – ‘We know … could we know better?’ It will extend what we already know, and provide new knowledge and skills so we are continuously learning and improving our effectiveness as people at both personal and professional levels.


The theme provides a common thread throughout the program that will relate to parenting, education, mental health and leading & managing change for success.



Newcastle is a vibrant university city with fabulous beaches and coastline, amazing wineries, cafes and restaurants and a working harbour which will provide a fantastic backdrop for our conference providing so much to do and enjoy for all conference participants and their partners, family & friends.


The theme for the 2017 Conference ‘We know … could we know better?’is a play on the words from the song ‘Better’by the iconic Newcastle band, The Screaming Jets.








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