Choice Theory®

Choice Theory® is Dr William Glasser's explanation of how and why we behave. Even though most people around us operate from an external control perspective, Choice Theory® offers us a way to understand how our behaviour is motivated internally and that we are driven to meet our needs. In learning to understand the principles of Choice Theory you learn to make choices that get you closer to what you really want - choices that support healthy relationships and improve your well being.

Among the powerful skills that Choice Theory® teaches are:

  • Knowledge about the way our minds function, and how our behaviour can be productive or destructive.
  • Ways to identify and achieve our own most valued outcomes.
  • Strategies to build and maintain satisfying relationships.
  • Skills to influence and inspire people.
  • Positive ways to achieve satisfying outcomes from our interactions with others.
  • Skills for giving feedback and managing difficult situations.
  • Communication and listening skills that will improve our effectiveness in every context.





Relationships with ourselves and each other are central to our well being.  The more we practise the connecting habits of listening, encouraging, accepting, respecting, negotiating, supporting & trusting and eliminate the disconnecting habits of criticising, blaming complaining, threatening, punishing, nagging and bribing, the stronger, more effective and healthier our relationships will be.  Choice Theory gives us template to strengthen our relationships as parents, coaches, teachers, mangers, workers or community members.

Seven Connecting Habits

Seven Disconnecting Habits

1.  Supporting

1.  Criticising

2.  Encouraging

2.  Blaming

3.  Listening

3.  Complaining

4.  Accepting

4.  Nagging

5.  Trusting

5.  Threatening

6.  Respecting

6.  Punishing

7.  Negotiating differences

7.  Bribing or rewarding to control



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