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One group’s application of Choice Theory through boxing!

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The William Glasser Institute Australia is a non-profit organisation that teaches the ideas of Dr Glasser.

Our purpose is to deepen human understanding and enhance quality of life through teaching Choice Theory and its applications.

The William Glasser Institute - Australia conducts extensive training programs in Choice Theory and its application in counselling and Reality Therapy.  In working in groups and organisations these ideas are taught using Lead Management practices.

The Institute's programs have been undertaken by people in a wide range of professions including Educator's, Psychologists, Social Workers and other health professionals for use in their professional life.   Individuals have undertaken the programs for personal development.






Trainings for 2019


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Calendar of Events:

Glasser Australia will be closed over the Christmas Break from 17th  December until 14th January  2019.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Safe and Happy New Year 


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William Glasser Institute - Australia
Ph: 0427 667 385 *
PO Box 93, Ipswich Q 4305

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